Terms of Use

of the website and Cryppo products/services


Website https://cryppo.com/ (the “Site”) is developed and operated by Cryppo UAB (the “Company”).

These Terms of Use of the Site and the Company's products/services ("Terms") apply to all users of the Site and/or the Company's products/services.

Users of the Site and/or the Company's products/services may be referred to as "You" or "Your" for convenience. Before using the Site or any of the products/services offered on the Site ("Services") and/or the Company, you should carefully read these Terms and Policy governing your use of the Site and/or the Company's products/services offered. If you do not agree with any of the clauses of these Terms and Policy governing your use of the Site and / or the Company's products/services offered, we kindly ask you to leave the Site. By further using this Site and/or registering to use the Company's products/services (our services), you acknowledge that you have read, understand, accept and agree to be bound by these Terms and Policy governing your use of the Site and/or the products offered/services of the Company.

Key Definitions

User – an individual visiting the Website https://cryppo.com/ and/or using the products/services of the Website and/or the Company.

User Account - a personal user profile or personal account, which is created after registration on Cryppo.

Digital currency is a currency that exists and is available exclusively in a virtual form.

Fiat money is a state-regulated type of means of payment available in physical form. It means any national currency, such as U.S. dollars, EUR, that may be used in connection with an exchange of Digital currency via the Services and does not include any Digital currency.

Third Party Service Provider - a third party counterparty of the Company that provides additional services to the User or the Company.

Cryppo - website https://cryppo.com/ and/or Cryppo UAB company providing products/services on the website https://cryppo.com/.

Services - products, services and services provided to the User on the website https://cryppo.com/ or by the Cryppo UAB company

Prohibited Conduct means any illegal conduct that includes fraud, corruption, money laundering, collusion, terrorist financing and any other criminal conduct.

Fraud - means the use of deception for the purpose of pursuing personal interests and damaging the interests of Users and / or Cryppo.

Scam - a method of deception, fraud in order to obtain money from Internet users, may include hiding information or providing incorrect or false information in order to extort money, property and inheritance from victims.

Corruption - means offering, giving, receiving or soliciting, directly or indirectly, anything of value that could improperly influence the actions of another party.

Money laundering - means a scheme of financial transactions, the purpose of which is to conceal the identity, source and destination of illegally obtained money or to finance illegal activities.

Anti-money laundering (AML) - a set of measures and procedures aimed at detecting and / or preventing the use of the Cryppo UAB company / website and / or services provided by Cryppo for money laundering purposes.

Counter-terrorist financing (CTF) - a set of measures and procedures aimed at identifying and / or preventing the use of the Cryppo UAB company / website and / or services provided by Cryppo for the purposes of financing terrorism.

Sanctions - Economic sanctions are commercial and financial sanctions applied by one or more countries against targeted self-governing states, groups or individuals.

Red flags are warnings or indicators suggesting the presence of a potential problem or threat with the Client's transactions that pass through the Company and / or the Service / Service of the Company.

Collusion - means an agreement between two or more parties aimed at achieving an improper purpose, including improper influence on the actions of the other party.

Terrorist financing - means the provision or collection of funds by any means, directly or indirectly, with the intent to use them or on the condition that they will be used in whole or in part to carry out any of the crimes related to terrorism.

Criminal conduct - means a crime in any part of the world or what would qualify as a crime in any part of the world if it happened there.

Know Your Client (KYC) - a set of measures and procedures aimed at obtaining information about the client and his activities in order to manage the risks of the company.

Customer Due Diligence (CDD) is a verification of data / information about the client and other checks related to the study of the client and his activities, in order to comprehensively assess the risk of the client when accepting him for service and during his service.

Politically exposed person (PEP) - refers to an individual who plays a prominent public role within a country or at the international level.

Regulatory Requirements - means any applicable law, statute, regulation, order, judgment, decision, recommendation, rule, policy (including but not limited to KYC/AML/CTF Policy) or guidance passed or issued by Parliament, government or any competent court or authority, or any payment system (including, but not limited to, bank payment systems, card payment systems such as Visa, MasterCard, or any other payment, clearing or settlement system, or similar agreement that is used to provision of the Service/Services.

Policies – Policies and regulations that govern the provision of products/services/services, including, but not limited to, Client Risk Management, Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Policies, Sanctions and Countries (AML/CTF & KYC & SANCTIONS & COUNTRY POLICY, Privacy policy), etc.

1. Content of the Site

1.1. The Site, including any information, graphics, aesthetic, technical and other effects, is intended to inform you about our products and services ("Content").

1.2. The Company has all rights to adapt and make changes to the Content of the Site at its own discretion without prior notice to the User.

1.3. The Company is obliged to make reasonable and sufficient efforts to constantly update the Content of the Site. However, not all information may be up-to-date and complete. The Company does not guarantee the accuracy of the Content. Any examples in the Site Content are illustrative. The Company undertakes to do its best to correctly display current and future products and / or services, at the same time, they may differ.

1.4. If these Terms are updated, the Company will notify you of the changes by posting the current version of the Terms on the Site and/or by notifying you by email. The new version of the Terms comes into force 24 hours after publication on the Site or earlier, as required by applicable law. It is the responsibility of the User to keep track of the current Terms of Service. Your use of the Site with the updated version of the Terms will be considered by the Company as your understanding of the Terms of Service and acceptance of the updated version of the Terms.

2. Use of the Site. Account and restrictions.

Site usage:

2.1. The site is public and available to all users. You agree to use the Site and its Content only for lawful purposes. The content of the Site is for your personal use and non-commercial purposes.

2.2. Use of the Site is subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Privacy Policy, available in section 15 of these Terms.

2.3. In order to ensure the safety of using the Site, it is prohibited to use methods of hiding the location of users. In case of doubts about the safety of using the Site, the Company has the right to request the user information about his exact location.

2.4. You agree to receive promotional and/or informational communications from the Company to the email address provided by you in your Account. Such emails will be canceled at your request using the "unsubscribe" option provided in the notice from the Company, where applicable.

2.5. Availability of the Site. The Company does not guarantee the possibility of access to the Site at any time. You acknowledge that the Company reserves the right to withhold, refuse or make unavailable at any time and at its sole discretion all or part of the Services and/or the Site itself. The Company is not liable in case of unavailability of any Service, regardless of the reasons (intentional actions of the Company in accordance with the requirements of these Terms and the Privacy Policy, force majeure, etc.).

2.6. Security and viruses. You may not knowingly or unknowingly use or introduce any malicious software or files to gain access to the Site, distort the Content or disrupt the Site's services. You agree to take reasonable precautions to avoid such processes. You may not misrepresent, modify or manipulate the Site and its Content in any way. The Company recommends taking reasonable security measures to prevent damage to your equipment by any malicious programs, as well as when receiving and reading messages, notifications, letters from the Company in connection with the possibility of harm to your equipment. It is recommended to enter the Account exclusively using the Site or the official telegram-bot.

Account and restrictions:

2.7. By creating an account to use our Services (“Account”), you warrant that:

• You have accepted these Terms of Service, the provisions of the Client Risk Management Policy, money laundering and terrorist financing, sanctions and countries (AML / CTF & KYC & SANCTIONS & COUNTRY POLICY), Privacy Policy and other provisions for the use of the Site, product / Company services.

• You are the age of majority in your country of residence, but in any case, you are not a person under the age of 18.

• You have not previously been blocked or restricted from using the Company's products/services/services.

• You do not currently have an account on the Company's website.

• You are not a user/citizen/resident of the United States, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, or other countries as defined in Appendix 1 of the Client Risk Management, Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Policies, Sanctions and Countries (AML / CTF & KYC & SANCTIONS & COUNTRY POLICY).

• You are also not acting on behalf of and/or on behalf of a user in the United States, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada or other countries as defined in Appendix 1 of the Customer Risk Management, Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Policies, Sanctions and Countries (AML/CTF & KYC Policies & SANCTIONS & COUNTRY POLICIES).

• You have full legal capacity to enter transactions using our Services and are responsible for your actions in connection with the use of the Site and Services.

• You undertake to adhere to generally accepted norms when communicating with Company employees and not allow unacceptable behavior (rudeness, lies, use of profanity, threats and intimidation, etc.) when communicating with the support service.

• You will not use the Site, the Company's products/services for illegal purposes or suspicious transactions, including, but not limited to, transactions directly or indirectly related to terrorist financing, fraud, scam, corruption, circumvention of sanctions restrictions, Dark Net.

• the information and data provided by you for the purpose of registration, and subsequently for the use of our Services, are legitimate, up-to-date, complete and not misleading.

2.8. It is allowed to use only one Account by one User. Unauthorized access to the Account of another user, as well as assistance in unauthorized access to the Accounts of other users of the Site is strictly prohibited.

2.9. In case of intentional creation of an Account for the purpose of illegal use/abuse of the Cryppo service, including for the purpose of carrying out illegal transactions, it may result in the suspension of any activities associated with such an Account, or the closure of the Account, including notification of the competent authorities and other actions in accordance with legal requirements.

2.10. You agree to immediately notify the Company of any unauthorized access to your Account, use by a third party of your Account or password, alleged theft of your registration information or any other breach of security to the support service at info@cryppo.com.

2.11. The Company undertakes to notify users of a violation of the security of using the Site, including attempts to unauthorized access to the Account, by sending messages to the provided e-mail address and / or phone number. If you change your email address and/or phone number, you agree to notify the Company of the relevant changes. The Company is not responsible for the damage caused to you in case of violation of these Terms and the Privacy Policy by the user, including compromise of credentials for accessing the Account, as well as inaction and / or incorrect actions in case of receiving notifications of a security violation.

2.12. Suspension, termination and cancellation of the Account. In order to prevent and / or stop illegal actions, the Company has the right, at its discretion, to suspend the Account and restrict access to the services provided on the Site and / or products / services of the Company; close/block the Account and the funds that are credited to it; suspend or cancel the transaction, regardless of the withdrawal of funds from the account with third-party financial service providers, accounts or e-wallets.

The Company has the right to restrict access to the Site and the Services provided, among other things, in the event of:

• violations of these Terms, including violation of payment obligations for transactions, unauthorized access to the Site or the Account of a third party, use of multiple Accounts and abuse of the benefits of promotions.

• the Company has reason to believe that the purpose of the transaction is illegal activity (directly or indirectly), including, but not exclusively, terrorist financing, money laundering, fraud, corruption, scam, circumvention of sanctions restrictions, etc.

• court decisions or rulings of another competent authority regarding you or your transactions requiring appropriate action by the Company under applicable law.

• the refusal of any third-party provider to provide you with the Services.

• force majeure circumstances, including operational and technical errors.

• You have not transacted in relation to the Services for twelve consecutive months or more.

• there is reason to believe that the provision of services to you will have a negative impact on the Company's business reputation.

• The Company reasonably believes that your Account is associated with any other Account that has been suspended or terminated for violation of the Terms, Policies, or suspended for any other reason that may have a negative effect on the Company.

• You did not provide information at the request of the Company, or the information provided does not meet the requirements of the Company.

• The Company believes that your Account and/or transaction does not comply with acceptable risks or Company Policies.

2.13. In the event of suspension or cancellation of access to the Account, the Site and / or the products / services provided in connection with the circumstances provided for in these Terms or the Company's Policies, the Company has the right to:

(i) cancel outstanding and/or pending orders to buy the Digital Currency.

(ii) withhold any Fiat Money that You have paid to purchase Digital Currency from the Company but which You have not received. Responsibility for the consequences in the form of withholding funds by the Company rests solely with you.

(iii) freeze all funds in your Account.

2.14. If Your Account is suspended or terminated, the Company may provide You with notice of such suspension or termination. The Company is not obliged to disclose information obtained as a result of security procedures, risk management, compliance with the requirements of the Policies.

2.15. You may close your Account at any time by sending a request to delete your Account to info@cryppo.com. There is no Account deletion fee, except for the fulfillment of monetary obligations to the Company that exist on the date the Company deletes your Account. The Company reserves the right to suspend any pending transactions at the time of cancellation.

User rights:

2.16. In case of loss of access to the lost User account (including the transfer of balances to a new account), the Company is ready to consider the possibility of restoring access to such User account (including the transfer of balances to a new account) only if sufficient information is provided and/ or supporting documents (the scope of the requested documents in each case is determined individually and is not exhaustive) about the identity of the User, the history of his transactions, etc.

2.17. The User has the right to expect that the Company will guarantee and make all possible efforts and measures to fulfill such guarantees on a regular basis, ensuring the maximum level of protection of the account, information about the user and his transactions by the Company. The fulfillment of this clause by the Company is possible only if the User has the proper attitude to ensure the security and limited access to passwords/account/transactions/transaction documents on his part, while the loss of access through the actions/inaction of the User is not the responsibility of the Company and the Company will not bear any responsibility for such events. “Inaction” means, including, but not exclusively, the absence of a 2FA set by the user, which can significantly increase the risk of login and password compromise, etc.

2.18. The User has the right to provide quality service from the Company and its representatives when using the Company's website/products/services.

2.19. The user has the right to qualified and unbiased consideration of disputes by the company. To process an appeal, the user provides all the necessary information and supporting documents (if any) to the Company's support service at the email address: info@cryppo.com.

3. Provision of Services.

3.1. The Company provides Services aimed at the acquisition of any available Digital Currency using the Site's services, as well as the sale of available digital currency, including the Company's digital currency ("Digital Currency").

3.2. Acquisition of Digital Currency. This type of Service allows you to buy from the Company the Digital Currency available on the Site at the time of the conclusion of the transaction for the acquisition of the Digital Currency.

3.3. Sale of digital currency. Using the services of the Site, you have the right to make transactions for the sale of Digital currency.

3.4. After successfully creating your Account, you are given the opportunity to make transactions for the purchase and sale of the Digital Currency. The acquisition of digital currency is carried out in exchange for assets established by the Company (US dollar or other currencies) ("Fiat money") based on each transaction.

3.5. Payment Methods. You may send and/or receive Fiat money to and from the Company by using MasterCard and VISA credit card payments or by using the services of a third-party payment solution provider.

3.6. Payment Method Guarantees. The Company cannot guarantee that all currently valid payment methods will always be available to you. The availability of each payment method depends on several factors, including, but not limited to, your location, the identification information You have provided to the Company, and restrictions imposed by third party payment processors, if any.

3.7. Providing digital currency. The Company will make reasonable efforts to provide you with the purchased Digital Currency as soon as reasonably practicable in accordance with these Terms. You acknowledge that the provision of the purchased Digital Currency to You may be made some time after the completion of the payment process due to the need for operational processing of the transfer of the Digital Currency. You also acknowledge that, in the cases provided for in these Terms, the Company may not be able to fulfill Your order to purchase or provide Digital Currency to You.

3.8. You acknowledge that the Company is not responsible for the incorrect information of your wallet address.

3.9. There is no guarantee of value or liquidity. You assume the risks associated with the purchase and sale of Digital Currency, including the fact that the Company cannot guarantee that any Digital Currency will, at any time in the future, have a certain value (if any) or market liquidity. The Company does not guarantee that You will be able to sell the Digital Currency to a third party after a certain time, and under no circumstances does the Company undertake to purchase any Digital Currency from You, whether purchased from the Company or not.

3.10. In the event of an erroneous transfer of Digital currencies to wallets owned by the Company, the latter does not refund the erroneously sent funds. At the discretion of the Company, in exceptional cases, it is possible to consider the issue of a refund only after contacting the support service at the email address: info@cryppo.com. After a detailed study of the information provided, the possibility or impossibility of restoring / returning funds to the user lost / transferred due to erroneous actions will be determined, followed by notification of the user by e-mail.

The commission for restoration and return is assigned in each case individually.

This rule also applies to Digital currencies that are not directly supported by the Company.

4. The price of the Digital Currency and the execution of your transaction.

4.1. Price. The rate determining the cost of selling and buying Digital Currency depends on the circumstances and is indicated in accordance with the price indicated on the Site or in our services. ("Price").

4.2. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you agree that any Price displayed on the Site and/or our services where the Company sells or buys Digital Currency is accurate only as of now, and the Price that appears on the Site at the time of purchase or sale of Digital Currency may not be the final price or rate of your transaction. This is due to the highly volatile nature of the value of the Digital Currency and the period of the time it may take to complete a transaction.

4.3. The final price of your transaction (the "Final Price") will be the price that is indicated on the Site after the completion of the transaction and is available for viewing in the personal account available on the Site.

4.4. You agree that the End Price may be higher or lower than any rate or price previously available on the Site and/or our services, subject to possible price fluctuations, and that this may change either in your favor or in favor of Company and we have no control over such changes.

4.5. As soon as reasonably practicable and subject to successful completion of the KYC process, we will execute your order at the Final Price (“Execution”). Until executed, any of your orders will be considered pending and incomplete and will not be binding on the Company.

4.6. Provision of Digital Currency. As soon as possible after the completion of your order:

- in case of purchasing a Digital Currency from the Company, the corresponding Digital Currency will be provided to Your wallet address, subject to the completion of the operational processing process.

- in the event of a sale of Company Digital Currency, we will provide Fiat money by credit card top-up or other third-party payment processor using the details specified in the relevant payment method you provided during registration and/or at the time of your sales order.

- we will provide you, either on the Site and/or our services, by email or otherwise, with a transaction confirmation indicating the End Price and other details of the acquisition and completion of the transaction (“Transaction Confirmation”).

4.7. The cost of the service of replenishment / withdrawal from the balance of the Account is available at the website https://cryppo.com/

4.8. Cancellation policy. You acknowledge that completed transactions are non-reversible and you may not modify or reverse any transaction - whether it has been completed or is in a pending state.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company, in its sole discretion, without any obligation, may attempt to comply with your request to cancel a transaction on your account.

4.9. Failed payments. If your payment method is rejected, whether due to lack of funds or found to be unsuccessful for any other reason, you agree that the Company, in its sole discretion, may:

- cancel any applicable transaction.

- fulfill part of this transaction; or

- debit alternative payment methods provided by you in the amount necessary to complete the pending transaction. In the event of termination of any transaction, the Company will make reasonable efforts to notify you of such termination.

4.10. Ownership of your wallet address. For the purpose of executing any transaction, you warrant the use and provision of an e-wallet address owned solely by you, and which is under your exclusive and complete control, to which the purchased Digital Currency will be transferred.

4.11. The Company reserves the right to refuse processing or cancel any pending transaction if:

- the transaction is illegal, or the decision of the court or other competent authority has been made in relation to the person making the transaction, obliging the Company to take appropriate actions to cancel the transaction.

- The Company has reason to believe that the transaction violates any provision of these Terms.

- the transaction exceeds the limit that may apply to the number or volume of transactions in each period in accordance with the policy of the Company, which may be amended from time to time in accordance with the provisions of applicable law.

- such a transaction is made by a person who may harm the Company, including its business reputation.

4.12. The Company may take any additional action available to it in accordance with these Terms, or the Policies of applicable law in relation to such a transaction.

5. Payment Transactions, Third Party Processing and Chargebacks.

5.1. You are solely responsible for the payment of all amounts (Fiat Money and/or Digital Currency) due to the Company. The Company reserves the right to withhold any payment due to be made in your favor until the Company can properly identify and authenticate your identity and/or payment details (as applicable) in accordance with the Policies and these Terms.

5.2. Third party processing services. You acknowledge that the Company may, in its sole discretion, use third party service providers to process any payment between you and the Company, including, but not limited to, payments in connection with your use of the Services and any transaction performed. In such cases, you acknowledge that the Company may provide personal information and / or documentation about you, including in relation to transactions performed by you, as necessary to complete the transaction or, as required, at any request in the event of detection of fraud or suspicion of fraud or other illegal activities.

6. Interaction with the support service:

6.1. The company is ready for constructive criticism and understands the importance of the human factor in customer service and strives to provide quality service to its customers. We are ready to ensure impartial consideration of appeals and complaints on disputable situations, but an important element of such consideration is mutual respect. We ensure the security of transactions not only for our clients, but also for the security and proper working conditions of the support service.

6.2. In the process of customer service, situations may arise that require a more detailed study of the settlement structure in the manner prescribed by applicable law and/or the Company's Policies. The Company understands that a delay in the transaction may cause negative emotions for customers, but the Company is obliged to ensure the legitimacy of each transaction. The discrepancy between the efficiency of the support service or the timing of consideration of the details of the transaction by the compliance service with the expectations of the client is not a basis for threats, negativity and aggression against the support service employee.

6.3. In the event of aggression against an employee of the Company, the Company reserves the right to temporarily block the User and / or his account for a certain period. The blocking period is determined by the Company at its sole discretion and depends on each situation separately. During this time, the blocked user cannot communicate with the support team and access their account.

6.4. We make sure that Users are not blocked without a good reason. If the User believes that he was provided with an unqualified support service, we recommend that you stop the current chat and send a corresponding notification via e-mail to the support service address (email address: info@cryppo.com) indicating your account ID in the message subject, and in in the body of the message, indicate a complaint about the actions of the employee in which to state your version of events. The Company considers all complaints and provides feedback on such requests.

7. Intellectual property of the Company.

7.1. Texts, graphics, colors and other elements used on the Site are protected by copyright. The content of the Site is the intellectual property of the Company and is protected by applicable law.

7.2. The use of the Company's intellectual property is possible only under the condition of personal and non-commercial use, indicating the source (Company) and with the prior written consent of the Company.

7.3. Any illegal actions in relation to the intellectual property rights of the Company will lead to the prosecution of those responsible in accordance with applicable law. The Company reserves the right to investigate in order to notify the competent authorities of persons and actions that violate the requirements of the law, in accordance with applicable law.

8. Compliance of the use of the Site and / or products / services of the Company with the requirements of the law.

8.1. You are the person who bears sole legal responsibility for the use of the Site and / or the products / services offered by the Company if, according to the legislation applicable to you, the use of the Site and / or products / services is illegal.

8.2. If the Company has reason to believe that your use of the Site and / or the products / services offered by the Company is contrary to the requirements of applicable law, including may be related to prohibited activities, the Company may suspend or refuse to provide you with services without notice of the reasons for the denial.

8.3. Applicable taxes. You are solely responsible for paying taxes and fees applicable to your transactions on the Site in accordance with the laws applicable to you. The Company does not provide legal explanations or advice in connection with the collection of taxes and fees.

8.4. In its activities, the Company adheres to applicable laws and best international standards and practices and expects you to comply with these Terms and Policies. Internal documents on AML/CTF risk management and KYC/CDD procedures are developed by the Company additionally and are internal documents of the Company with limited access. Such documents are subject to these Terms and Policies.

9. Invalidity of certain provisions of the Terms.

9.1. If any individual provisions of these Terms are invalid for any reason, the remaining provisions of the Terms will remain valid and enforceable.

10. Limitation of Liability.

10.1. To the extent permitted by applicable law, neither the Company nor its affiliates shall be liable for any damages in connection with your use of the Site.

10.2. The use of any information obtained from the Site or using the Site is carried out solely at the risk to users of the Site. To the extent permitted by applicable law, the Company disclaims any liability regarding decisions you make based on information obtained from the Site or using the Site.

10.3. The Company does not guarantee the operational and functional support of the Site. To the extent permitted by applicable law, the Company disclaims liability in the event of any defect or unavailability of the Site and/or its Content, or in the event of other direct or indirect damage arising from access to or use of the Site. The Company is not responsible for any damage caused by service interruptions, technical errors, malware or files, or other factors beyond the control of the Company.

10.4. The Company is not responsible for your failure to receive the purchased Digital Currency, Fiat money if you provide incorrect information regarding the virtual wallet, public key, payment details or refusal to carry out the operation by third parties (banks/providers, etc.) and so on.

11. Assignees / transfer of information to third parties.

11.1 In the event of a merger or division, the Company has the right to transfer or assign the information provided by you under applicable law. The Company has the right to transfer the information provided by you to third parties only in cases provided for by applicable law, as well as to provide you with the Services offered by the Company to the extent governed by the Terms, the Privacy Policy and applicable law.

12. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction.

12.1. By using the Site, you agree to these Terms, Privacy Policy and further accept the laws of Republic of Lithuania.

12.2. Any disputes arising between the Company and users of the Site must be resolved through negotiations. If it is not possible to reach an agreement through negotiations, the dispute is submitted to the competent court located in Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania. The parties undertake to maintain the confidentiality of all matters relating to litigation.

13. Force Majeure.

13.1. The Company shall not be liable for delays, disruptions or interruption of service that are directly or indirectly related to any cause or condition beyond its reasonable control, including, without limitation, any delay or failure as a result of any act of God, catastrophes , acts of terrorism, civil unrest, war, strikes, fires, decisions of authorized government agencies, interruptions in telecommunications or services of network providers, failure of equipment and/or software, or other events beyond the reasonable control of the Company and affecting the operation of the Site and provision of services.

14. Contact the Company.

14.1. If you have any questions, comments, feedback, complaints regarding these Terms, please contact us through the Company's support service at the email address: info@cryppo.com.

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